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What is your emergency?

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It is after midnight.  I’m up with the baby who is dozing fitfully tonight.     

My day began with an unfamiliar voice saying, “911.  What is your emergency?”



Apparently, my 8 month old had decided to get up, grab my phone from the nightstand, unlock the keypad, and call 911.  While I slept. 

That was the start of my day.

Then I noticed a funky rash around the 4-yr old’s mouth.  I went to because he always, always tells me whatever the concern is, it is no big deal.  Except this time.  This time he said I take my child to the doctor or ER (!) immediately. 

I proceeded to examine Norah’s mouth 52 million times and look at 12.8 million google images of petechiae rash. 

When Scott (finally) got home, I demanded he look at Norah’s mouth.  He said it looked like she’d tried to suck a cup.  And asked her if she had.  And she happily showed him how she and her friend, Clem, had tried to hold toy cups to their faces yesterday.  Well you’d never guess.  That wooden cup matched her rash perfectly.

Problem solved, now what’s for dinner.

I’m so glad I didn’t call our doctor on that one.  It would be like the time we almost called the plumber

Somehow I’m not feeling at the top of my game.  

At least Cedar will be able to call for help if we get into too much trouble.

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  1. Wait ’til Cedar starts walking. 😉 We’re in the middle of that fun game right now and it’s turning into running! Help! 🙂


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