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Home Repair=$1.50

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This post is embarrassing. 

We’ve had a mysterious sound in our home.  The source seemed to be behind the shower wall.  It sounded like cicadas.  But it never stopped–so, we ruled out animal/insect/amphibian since they surely would need to take a break.  The sound had been going on for days.  It was so noticeable that Norah stopped going to the potty by herself out of fear of the strange noise.

Scott thought it was a water leak.  But when he turned off the water, the sound continued.  He crawled under the house and found nothing amiss.  I was about to call a plumber (Hi Laura C!).  Scott is in Pensacola on a business trip and was worried that the sound had not been resolved.  We imagined dire consequences and house catastrophe.  Not to mention…expensive repairs. 

Last night, friends, I sat in the bathroom and puzzled over it.  Using my pregnancy spidey-senses, I listened. 

First, I thought the sound came from my bottle of baking soda water in the corner of the shower.  Picking it up and putting it to my ear–I giggled and thought, “silly girl.”  But I persisted.  Picked up the ACV bottle and listened.  Nope.  Picked up the shaving gel (which I had used that morning!) and whoa!  The sound!  My shaving gel bottle sounded like a troupe of cicadas!  I have since tossed the offending bottle after visions of explosion in the shower. 

What if I had called the plumber?

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  1. That’s hilarious! Glad you didn’t call the plumber…..he wouldn’t have found it before doing a costly search behind the wall! Excellent sleuth work my friend.

  2. aerosol can of foamy chemicals (finger wagging)? wax, wax, wax!

  3. That is hilarious!!!!


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