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I’m at the coast for much-needed leisurely pursuits before the next wave of busy time hits us.  While we shake sand from our towels and taste salt on our tongues, I cannot help but think of what waits when we return.

Here are the happenings on the horizon:

Saturday (August 28) I’ll be speaking about baby-led weaning at the monthly Blessingway.  If you’re soon-to-be-adding-solids to the baby’s menu, join us!  If you’re struggling with making baby food or spoon-feeding your little one, join us!  If you are an expert at baby-led weaning, join us!  You could maybe speak and I could maybe just listen? 

I begin a new Hypnobabies series Sept 5.  I have two spots open.  This class is a 6-week group series.

I am teaching two private classes.  One is a Hypnobabies class and then other is a Mindful Birth class.  Both go for 6 weeks. 

I have two births for September.  Both will be lovely, I am certain. 

Norah begins soccer this Thursday.  Her first team sport.  Her first sport.  I have no idea how this episode in her life will look! 

And Norah begins school.  Just one morning a week.  Still, a new responsibility and discipline.

I’m hosting a playdate at a river on Monday. 

Then the usual babywearing groups, playdates, consultations, postpartum visits, prenatals. 

I’ve heard rumors that my husband might take me to High Cotton for a hot date. 

Speaking of husband, he is doing his ritual “man-weekend” sometime in September.  I’ll be alone.  With the girls.  All.  Weekend. 

Also, have I mentioned I have a new nephew?  I really want to spend loads of time snuggling with him!

Wonder how I’ll do about keeping up with the blog?  We shall see.

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