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Birth is surprising

In Hypnobabies, students train their minds to expect birth to be comfortable.  Students spend lots of time before their birthing time to practice this programming. 

Birth is suprising. 

Congratulations to one of my couples who had a super-fast, comfortable birth.  Before their doula arrived and before they could leave for the hospital, daddy caught their baby.  At home.  Unplanned.

The birth was quick and uncomplicated.  Daddy was calm, cool, collected.  The mama was thrilled.  The baby was content.   

It was their first baby.

Birth is surprising!

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  1. Yay! Good for them. It sounds like they were just meant to have a homebirth.

  2. I agree Jenny! I was so excited to hear about Blake’s birth. It’s almost like I am have a vicarious birth high for them.


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