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As I lay her down to sleep

Cedar is in that tricky sleep stage.  She doesn’t know if she needs/wants one nap a day or two.  I sometimes feel like my entire day is spent trying to get her to nap.  I nurse her to sleep or sometimes lately I can just lay beside her.  And my mind wanders away as I’m stuck with the babe.

Want a peek into my brain as it wanders? 

  • Wow I need a pedicure. 
  • I should take Norah to get one with me.  Wait.  When did Norah last have a bath?  Oh grody.  I’m not really certain.
  • I wonder if I’ll get a shower today.
  • What am I going to do for dinner?  I’m out of olive oil.  And pepper.  What in the world can I cook without olive oil and pepper?
  • I have GOT to write some of my client’s birth timelines for them.  (Sorry E., N., and E.)
  • What is the 1st conjugation pluperfect tense of the verb amo?  Do I really care?  I stink at homeschooling.
  • I wonder how old my children will be when I no longer sweep the floors multiple times each day?
  • My lips feel chapped.  I could use some coconut oil.  Coconut oil!  I can cook dinner with that.
  • I need to clean the blinds in here.
  • Need to work on the BirthNetwork website.  Need to work on the BirthNetwork website.  Need to.  Need to.
  • What would it be like to have a baby you just put down for a nap and walk away?  Sigh.
  •  I bet other mamas get so much more done in a day.  Stop.  Stop.  Do not go down that path.
  • I’ll probably miss this time one day.  At least it forces me to make a to-do list.
  • If only I could reach my notepad. 
  • And a pen.
  • Wonder what Norah is getting into.  It got awfully quiet all of a sudden. 
  • Ok, gonna try to sneak away. 
  • Crap.  That didn’t work. 
  • Look at my toes.  I need a pedicure. 

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  1. First time Mom...with a capital 'M'!

    I understand your pain…I rock my four month old to sleep…put her in the crib as quietly as I can…Yes I can do homework now!…take a shower…eat!…oops I tripped over that activity gym I forgot to pick up earlier….crap she’s awake!

  2. Wow, that sounds similar to me and Ivey. She does not take two naps a day and hasn’t for a while, but usually I can get her to take a decent afternoon nap. The problem is that she won’t let me put her down, nine times out of ten. I nurse her to sleep in the recliner, and then when she’s asleep I hold her until I have to pee really bad. It doesn’t take that long because I’m pregnant. Then I try feebly to put her down but usually she starts screaming at me and the nap is either over or I have to run right back and nurse her back to sleep. I get really, really excited when I do put her down successfully. It’s not like I can get much done, though. I’m not about to risk waking her up by doing dishes, or turning on the washer or dryer. Occasionally she will fall asleep in her high chair after lunch but it’s only for a short time and she wakes up angry and confused about why she is sitting there covered in food. I should probably take her out as soon as that happens but this is how desperate I am for her to take a nap.

  3. We’re no longer co-sleeping and I STILL don’t get anything done. Sigh.

  4. loved hearing your thoughts! thanks for sharing :o)

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  6. Great blog I enjoyyed reading


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