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Faster than a tormado

We had an extra four year old in the house today.  I thought it would distract me from the fantastic explosion of toys if I took notes on some of the conversations I overheard.


I have the hardest job in my house.  I fold napkins.

Well, my job is harder.  I catch all the lizards outside my house.

I fold more napkins. 

I catch a million lizards.

We’re like twins cause we have the same thing to eat!

I can run faster than a horse.

I can run faster than a rocketship

I can run faster than a “tormado”

I can run faster than God.

Mom, who can run the fastest?

My cousin is going to marry Justin Bieber

Who is that?

I think he’s a boy at her school.

That is NOT what a kangaroo sounds like when it gives birth.  It says “Boing Boing Boing.”

My [stuffed] puppy tore a little when her baby was born. [did I mention this was a midwife’s 4 year old?]

This will be your dog “collard” to wear.

We also had marshmallow roasting and sprinkler running.  And the girls built elaborate play scenes.

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  1. oh my, is that Clem? She is huge! Wow!

  2. So glad you captured these snippets… delightful!

  3. i am delighted to see in this little window to their day… your day. it looks like it was delightful (and i’m sure horribly messy!). i owe you millions of favors, mama, but instead i think i should take care of the speeding ticket. seems only fitting for watching a tormado. 😉

  4. You don’t owe me a thing! Clem taught Norah some fantastic natural consequences to keep her bossiness in check.

  5. Aw, I miss both those girls. 🙂 And…sprinklers! In November! Woe to be back in Canada. 😉


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