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How to tell if you have a 15 month old in your home

1) Half-eaten food everywhere.

2) More food in the floor.  If the food is smashed as if by tiny stomping feet, the presence of a toddler is very likely.

3) Even more food.  Especially under the table as if flung from great heights.


4) You find important things hidden in odd places long after you’ve been forced to replace them.


5) Odd sightings of what looks like once-worn pants with still snapped diaper inside.  Owner absent.  This is exactly as I found it. 

6) Occasional blurs of naked butt.

If you are able to capture the 15 month old, my recommendation is to not let go.  Even when you’re very tired from sweeping up food all day. 

And perhaps, retrieve the diaper and put it back on.

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  1. Oh my gosh yes. I will make Ivey a sandwich and if I don’t make her sit in the highchair she’ll throw the crusts in the toy box, and I’ll find them a week or two later when we’re cleaning up. Cheerios and crumbs are everywhere. It’d be worse if the dog didn’t help out by picking up the ones she likes. And it probably is a good idea to put the baby’s diaper back on. Despite being pretty good at using the potty when she’s in the mood, Ivey pooped on Jordan’s foot the other day. It was nasty.

  2. I got so tickled at this post my stomach hurt! I hate that we all don’t get to get together more – the posts on the girls are always my favorite!

  3. mothering a toddler is so well summed up in these photos… bizarre and messy, super hard, and hilarious.


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