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Turning five

My husband is a holiday fanatic.  This is not the first time or last time I’ll blog about it!  I often think life would be so boring if the girls only had me around.  Today Norah turns 5.  And so the day involves Scott’s birthday scavenger hunt fun.  He began this tradition as a way for him to be involved in her birthday when he is at work.  She gets as many presents as years.  Today, the clues are:

Message 1

Happy Birthday my little HotStuff Norah Beany Pants Moss Byers Squirmy Wormie Dancer SuperGirl!!!!!

You are now 5 years old….not 4, not even 3….but FIVE!!! Whoa! That’s one whole hands in fingers and thumb! Thats 5 little piggies…

I hope this is your most special birthday ever. So lets get started. 

You remember the rules last year?

Mommy will read you clues to 5 (thats right 5) hidden birthday presents. Each clue will also tell you when to read the very next clue.

Are you ready? You’ll have to think really hard now that you are FIVE I’ll be hiding your gifts with harder clues.

First Clue:

There is nothing worse than being cold! Daddy wanted you to be extra specially warm this year so he left your first gift (just like Santa) warming up near the hottest place in the house….its so hot that you could roast marshmallows. Good luck!

Next clue can be opened at 9:00am

Message 2

Ah….how are those pj’s? You know how much l like brown?!

I bet you look amazing.

Ready for Clue #2?

Your second gift is also the complete opposite in temperature….some might even say a bit frosty. This gift had to stay cool…so I hid it in a place for cold items. Not really cold…only pretend cold…I’ve heard that it is also a great place to test a hypothesis. 

Hope it makes you a “Jolly Happy Soul!”

Love you Birthday Girl….next clue at 10:30

Message 3 

Is it already 10:30???? Are you sure??

Maybe we should wait until 11 o’ clock? What do you think?

Oh well….I wont keep you waiting. 

Birthday Clue #3.

This Birthday gift is hidden in a coniferous forest, but not outside. This special gift loves the bright lights and is best friends with our buddy Jude. 

Clue#4 at 11:30

Message 4 

Do you love your Horse? Dont let mommy wash it….Speaking of washing….are you ready for Clue#4?

I thought so.

Birthday Clue # 4

This SLOWPOKE animal is kinda dirty…but he was afraid that a washing machine might mess up his hair too.

Anyway, he felt it was better to hide behind a big curtain.I think he thinks he is Spiderman….crazy

Clue #5 at 12:30

Message 5

This is it…your last hidden birthday present!!!!

Have you been especially good this year? I think so too. I am pretty sure that Santa put you in the NICE list!

Birthday Clue #5:

hmmm….this one is going to be tougher.

Did you know that we do not have any LIONS hiding in our house? Its true. I am so sure that I hid your next gift in your scary place.

Little Foot, Rudolf, Scooby and a couple other good friends are holding this one for you. Dark places should run and hide….Norah is now seeing things much brighter!!!

Good Luck! Have Fun!

Beany – I love you…and hope you had as much fun finding your presents as I did hiding them for you.

Enjoy the rest of your special day…you 5 year old girl you!

(The excitement builds and builds for a small birthday girl.  I love this man and how excited he gets by holidays and how magical he makes it for his girls.  Me included). 

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  1. I love it! What a special birthday. Zach and I hope we can make Asher’s birthday that special!

  2. That is so sweet. Just SO sweet!

  3. I love it! What an amazing and memorable way to spend birthday morning.

  4. What an awesome way to do a birthday!!! Your husband is fantastic. We may copy you guys next year for Liam. He would love this.

  5. Love It!! Might have brandon borrow this idea.

  6. Scott is such an amazing dad, as I knew he would be. What memories he is giving the girls.

  7. Amazing! Lucky girl. 🙂

  8. Lucky man…I am.

  9. Julie, I am linking my readers to this post… such a fun scavenger hunt! And I’m impressed with the greatest gift of all that Jimbo gives Norah every day… he knows her intimately. Such a blessing.

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