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More wooden lovelies

I promised to post some pictures of other beautiful wooden gifts Scott made for Christmas.

Wine bottle stoppers:

Coffee scoops:

Duck call:

Coffee Grinders:

Ice Cream Scoops:

Teething Necklaces:

And yes, he is working on the teething necklaces this weekend!  I’ll have some for those of you who wanted one very soon. 

I think he did a FAR superior job than that time I tried to make all our Christmas gifts.

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  1. They are all beautiful. What all did you make for Christmas gifts, though? I made most of our gifts and Jordan did some of them this past Christmas, but next year I don’t think we’ll try to make so many of the kids’ gifts. That was hard.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Gorgeous work!!!!

  3. My mouth is still hanging open. Wow, he is amazing. The duck call and the coffee grinders stun me. I just didn’t realize that people still know how to make this kind of stuff by hand. I need to get started on my Christmas presents….won’t be anything as lovely but wow, I’m just in awe of his talents.

  4. My dh makes pipes,rings, and beds! They should get together…I think they might just get along! 😉


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