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Tiny Space Library

I came home from the Blessingway yesterday–which was wonderful, by the way–and found my Mr. Handyman made these wonderful shelves for Norah’s room.

The wall has such a tiny clearance from the door.  But these narrow shelves are perfect for a book display.  And Norah will enjoy changing out her books in her crazy love for patterns and arrangment.


I admit that I had fun arranging this display.  Did I ever tell you guys that I secretly long to be a librarian?  And even majored in library science for a semester? Yep.  A whole semester.  That was between the pre-med and anthropology semesters. 

You can click on the pics to enlarge them.

I love Mr. Handyman. 


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  1. Love the shelves! Also, the wall colour. 🙂 We have ‘The Sun Egg’ and ‘Everyone Poops’ in heavy use right now, but I think we sorely lack any titles with “Nora/h” in them. 😉

    • Yeah, I went a little crazy when I was pregnant buying “nora(h)” books. I’m in trouble when it come to Cedar. I have found a chapter book series about a clever girl named Cedar B. Hartley. It is out of print but I’ve found them here and there.

  2. Isn’t it great being married to Mr. Handyman? I am too. Wonderful! Lately John has become obsessed with installing step lights along our staircase. I admit, they are dark and I’ve been creeping up and down them. But we’ve lived here for 3 years without incident. I pointed this out to him and he said, “Yes, but now you’ll be carrying the baby.” 🙂 In other daddy cuteness… the night we came home from the hospital we were both exhausted. It was very late. As I got settled in and just wanted to collapse into sleep, I noticed him carrying Morgan around the house turning on the lights in each room. What was he doing? He was giving a tour of her new home and describing all the improvement projects he and I had done since we moved here. Gotta love that man.


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