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Things I will miss

I will be sad when:

* Norah no longer says “deseasers” when she means “tweezers.”

* And “hotella” for “nutella.”

* When Cedar no longer runs through the house carrying her step-stool so she can hang with the humans over three feet tall.

* Picking out little girl clothes.  Norah won’t let me dress her anymore.

* The pigtails!

* Norah’s imagination.  Or as she says, “Mommy, I’m imaginating something.”  Here is a recent example.  Norah and her friend Ryleigh had a playdate a few months ago.  Ryleigh has a stuffed Rudolph.  Norah has a stuffed Clarice.  A week ago, Clarice gave birth to a small moose named Clancy.  Clarice has been a great mom.  Norah makes sure that Clancy is nursed to sleep each night and fed on demand throughout the day.  However, Norah has tremendous anxiety because Rudolph has not met his son.  I’m talking quite the tantrums to see Ryleigh RIGHT NOW.  I did call Ryleigh’s mom so she could tell Rudolph about his son.  And we have a playdate arranged this week so the family can be re-united. 

I should mention that the little plastic guy in the picture is Hansel.  He is forlorn because Ryleigh has his wife, Gretel.  He’s waiting for the playdate, too.

* I’m going to miss babywearing.  Cedar already wants to (GASP) ride in the shopping cart! 

Many more things will be missed.  What will not be missed is the screaming sibling fight that is breaking out AS I TYPE.  “My castle!  I had it first!” 

Better wrap this up!

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  1. I miss the “mank you” ,but we still have “hangaburgers”. That ssibling thing is still going on! But growing up to quick they are all busy at that. Kyle just celebrated his first anniversary, Zach is almost a teenager And Caleb is in kindergarten and reading!

    I love that Norah is so comfortable with the birthing process!

  2. Uh Oh, sounds like you may need that cart thingy back!!!!

  3. I love Cedar’s pigtails! I wish Ivey would let me do her hair. What I already miss is how Ivey used to hold her little hand up and say “go HEE!” when she meant “go away.” She did it whenever she was into something and we were about to take it away. I wouldn’t miss the fighting either, but I’m pretty sure it’s a lifelong thing. I don’t have a close sibling, but my brothers are both over 40 and they still fight. So I guess we are stuck with that, and it’s terrible around here too. Just a bunch of dramatic screeching and I never know who did what to whom!


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