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Men of the Cloth

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I’ve taught five Cloth Diaper 101 classes since December.  Each time, I think…surely there won’t be any students left in Greenville who will attend.  And each time, there is a crowd.  Bring in some more chairs!

Yesterday’s class was no different.  Except the students were all pregnant for the first time.  And each pregnant mama was accompanied by a dad.  Perfect dad attendance. 

Not only that–some of these dads could have taught the class.  They had studied up on cloth!  I was amazed at their comments and questions. 

While we don’t get gold stars in parenting for using cloth diapers, I’m thrilled that so many couples in Greenville are making this environmental choice.  Each parent who makes the choice to cloth diaper reduces our local landfill space by over 2 tons per child. 

Well-done, you environmentally savvy couples!

If you’d like to learn more about cloth, the Cloth Diaper 101 class is offered every 3rd Saturday at 1pm.  It is free!

Upcoming Classes

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Mindful Birth:  I have a few spots available for this childbirth class series.  We’re planning the reunion now for the babies born in the last series.  It is so wonderful to see couples on the other side of their births feeling strong and empowered by their experience!  Class begins March 25th and will meet until May 4th–a mix of Fridays and Wednesdays to accommodate schedules.  7pm-9pm in Greenville.  Email for more info (j_byers (at) bellsouth (dot) net)

Hypnobabies:  Begins May 6th and will meet for six consecutive Fridays from 6pm-9pm.  I have three spots remaining for this popular series.

Cloth Diapering 101:  I teach this class every 3rd Saturday at Natural Baby.  1pm.  So, March 19 (following the amazing fundraiser/consignments sale—more to come on that), join me to learn about your options for cloth diapering.  Last month was standing room only!