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What the neighbors must think!

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I’ve had two embarrassing run-ins with my neighbor. 

Our neighbors are wonderful and we love them.  We’ve known them a long time and that is a good thing because they would surely think I’m crazy otherwise.

The first event happened last year sometime.  I came home and found my kitchen rug sitting on the front porch.  Why?  Why would that be?  The only thing I could imagine was a burglar used it to carry out something heavy.  Which would be what?  What heavy object in my house is worth stealing?  The cupboard?  Wooden dollhouse?  Bed?  We don’t have any fancy electronics.  So, yeah, unlikely.  But why was my kitchen rug on the porch??  I digress.

So I walked next door to my neighbor.  Mr. Police Officer.  He came over and searched my house with gun in hand.  Gave me the all clear.  When I went inside, I noticed the floors were wet from mopping and the counters were suspiciously sparkly clean.  I realized I wasn’t robbed.  My house was stealth cleaned by an unknown intruder.  Love my mom!  And wish I’d inspected the house before involving the neighbor.

Next episode:  yesterday.  For the past, oh, TWO YEARS, I’ve put Cedar down for a nap in the afternoon.  I always tell Norah to be quiet because I’m putting Cedar to sleep.  It sometimes takes 30 minutes.  Sometimes I fall asleep.  For whatever reason, yesterday, Norah completely ignored me when I did the usual, “I’m putting Cedar down, stay quiet” speech. 

She was in the adjoining room playing. 

I did fall asleep.  And woke feeling unnerved.  I walked down the hall and heard, “Julie!” in a deep male voice.  After jumping out of my skin, I found Mr. Police Officer in my living room.  This time holding his newborn baby rather than a gun (awww).  Norah had not been able to find me (!!!) and per our drill when needing help, went next door to the neighbors. 

A groggy and embarrassed (and slightly confused) me assured Norah that I was in the room next to hers the whole time!  While trying not to look like an unfit mother in front of my neighbor! 

Sigh.  At least Cedar hasn’t called 911 in awhile…

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  1. Could be worse….

    A friend took a shower while her son played in his room. He somehow figured out how to unlock the door and was found by two police officers playing in the street. She turned off the water and came out of the bathroom (in a towel) to hear a strange man saying “Is there anyone home?” Her son had told them which house was his and that his mommy was inside. She wasn’t quite sure if they believed her when she said he managed to let himself out of a locked door. (I think he was between 1 & 2).

  2. At least we aren’t in this Delaware neighborhood where the mom was charged with child endangerment:

  3. With these two boys especially Caleb I am glad I dont have neighbors!

  4. Corbin got out once when he was about 2. At night. I was on the other side of the house doing dishes and kept hearing that blasted pony toy going off and assumed he was playing with it. Never heard him slip out of the screen door. A (childless) neighbor knocked on my door and began to lecture me.

    I threw that pony toy out the next morning.


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