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Reason to Babywear #537: Pit Viper Attack

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I don’t trust my sister to blog this story so I’m keeping it alive here.

Noelle and her husband, Zach, were strolling down a street in Phnom Penh this week.  Noelle was wearing Asher on her back in the Ergo.

They notice a large lizard (I’m thinking a tree monitor?) hanging out in a tree above them.  It had a snake hanging out of its mouth.  They stopped to watch and said, “Go lizard!  You got that snake.” 

At which point, the snake put it in reverse and came out of the lizard’s mouth and booked it down the tree. 

Straight towards the hapless Slagel family. 

Zach did what we’ve all been instructed to do–he froze.  Noelle saw the snake eyeing her and ran.  With baby on back, she ran. 

And the Green Pit Viper took up chase!  Seriously chased her down the street. 

Again, the Ergo saves the day!

I found one Southeast Asian variety of Green Pit Viper listed on several sites as being among the World’s Most Disturbing Animals.

Noelle was later informed that the lizard was not eating the snake.  The snake was eating the lizard’s eggs inside her body!  Ouch.

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  1. Wow. I guess the snake didn’t realize Noelle was a former track star. Just kidding, I am glad all is well and the Ergo saved the day!!

  2. So, are you ready for your trip??? 😀

  3. OMG. That is terrifying! I’m so glad they are safe!

  4. Noelle Slagel

    Thanks for blogging Julie, I’m going to link this to my blog since I was too lazy to blog about the event myself! Honestly, I had no idea it was a pit viper until after the fact. I thought it was the Cambodian version of a garter snake. It did seem rather aggressive though =) Thank goodness it climbed up the tree behind me instead of climbing up my leg to steel my baby!

  5. I’m not usually afraid of snakes, but that story might change my mind!

  6. I’m moving to Cambodia next month … terrified of snakes … maybe I should not have read this … yikes!


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