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I have a two year old

This morning at the grocery store, the teen bagging our groceries dared to touch our cart.

Oh dear.

You see, two year olds are on high alert for any possession infractions.  He crossed a line.


And she pushed the teen in the kneecaps.

For a moment, he flexed his muscles like he was going to engage. I intervened and we quickly left. However, as I pushed the cart out, Cedar snarls, “Get Your Hand Off!” Because, of course, two year olds not only own everything, they also can do anything.

I had good intentions of blogging Cedar’s birthday last week. I suppose I was busy running interference.

So the sum-up:

The child still sings Bob Marley and asks for the Ai-yai song (Buffalo Soldier) 52 thousand times a day. She’s a groovy lil bit, though, and will boogie to most tunes.

She has a high-pitched scream and a belly laugh. Her voice is husky. She has strong opinions about what is “pretty.”

Cedar prefers to be naked. And will strip anywhere, anytime, given half a chance.

She despises the potty. She hides her stand-alone potty and has chucked her potty seat at my head while screaming “no potty.” That said, if she is naked and needs to potty, she will bring me a “piper” to put on her.

Cedar sleeps through the night and slips into our bed each morning between 5am and 6am.

She still nurses. And I will not wean her until we complete the crazy trip to Asia in Dec/Jan. The other passengers on the 15 hour flight will appreciate my dedication to breastfeeding. And the dramamine cookies I plan to bake.

She reminds me of a sheepdog.  She likes things in their place.  When she wakes from a nap, she must walk the perimeter.  Last week, she woke and immediately noticed that Scott moved his truck while she slept.  It was a nightmare!  Screaming, pointing, and finally collapsing onto the floor.  And she herds other children.  If they leave the group, she must nip at their heels until they return to the fold.

The fights between Norah and Cedar are already the stuff of legends. 

Eating is a challenge.  I struggle to get veggies in her.  Especially green ones.  Her favorite foods are butter, cream, cheese, mayo, ranch dressing, candy, crackers, cookies.  And coffee.  I’m trying.  Really I am. 

While Norah always loved the dentist and the doctor, Cedar plots to assassinate them. 

She plunges into lakes without hesitating.  Climbs heights.  Already plays tricks.  Can work an iPad.  And recently said, “No Fair!” 

Happy Birthday to my spirited, quick, courageous, strong two-year old. 

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  1. Dramamine cookies? I may need the recipe!

    • I guess you’ll be heading that way soon, yes? I hope the move goes well! We’re flying Korean Air which Noelle promises to be super kid-friendly. Here’s hoping!

      And P.S., regarding pit vipers…I’m told the street dogs are much more fearsome than the snakes. The snakes don’t carry rabies, at least. *shiver*

      Another awesome adventure for you, mama!

      • Heading there sometime next month. We’re going back up to DC next week, where we have to wait for our medical clearances (paperwork snafus prevented them from doing those back in June, when we’d planned), which must be done before our orders are issued, which must be done before they’ll ship our stuff or buy our tickets … gotta love government bureaucracy!

        Give me a dog (even a rabid one!) over a snake any day! That’s one of a rather short list of my worries about the move, but overall, I’m excited. Who knows, maybe I’ll even meet your sister one of these days 🙂

  2. oh, i love this post of your full-spirited little one… love her favorite foods list. i have gotten very creative w/ my veggie sneak ins….just last week i pureed beets and put them in frozen yogurt. ha! it worked like a charm and the “ice cream” was a fun purple-y color.

    • Great idea! I was so spoiled by Norah who adores whole foods and raw greens of all sorts. I’ve tried green smoothies with Cedar but she seems to sniff out all things healthy. Strangely, she will crunch on raw onions! Spicy temper, I suppose.

      Must try the purple ice cream!

  3. Look at that innocent face! You would never suspect such propaganda…but I can vouch for all of these spirited stories as absolute truth. That being said, her smile can turn any hint of wrath into melted passion. I love you, Cedar, my baby!

  4. 🙂 Happy Birthday to you both! And, if it makes you feel any better, at least half of the things you mentioned in the post sound eerily familiar!

  5. Cedar is beautiful~!Love those eyes!

  6. Happy Birthday to Cedar! I can’t wait for her and Parker to get to meet again at CC nursery. 😉 They have a lot of similarities, especially the kinds that exhaust their mommas… =)

  7. Love to read about the antics of your beautiful children!


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