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Amber Teething Necklaces

So what is the deal with those necklaces all the babies are wearing these days?

They are baltic amber teething necklaces.  And no, they are not meant for tots to gnaw on.  The necklace isn’t a teething toy. 

Amber contains succinic acid which is an analgesic and purported healing agent.  As the amber rubs against the baby’s warm skin, it releases oil rich with succinic acid.  Used more commonly in Europe, this homeopathic remedy is non-invasive and, well, stylish. 

Does it work?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t hurt.  And the necklaces are sweet.  Teething bites and frankly, I’ll try anything.  Except orajel.  I tried that with Norah and managed to get her in her eye.  Bad mama moment. 

When looking for a safe amber necklace for your baby, select one that is knotted between each bead.  If the necklace should break, the bead won’t be an immediate choking hazard.  It is recommended that the necklace be removed when children sleep.  If children are chewing on the beads, the necklace should be removed as the amber may chip.

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