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I introduced Norah to puddle-jumping today.  She had so much fun and kept asking, “Mama, dat pell?”  (that smell?) as she sniffed the puddles.  She was soaked, cold, and happy when I carried her in for a warm bath.  One day, we’ll puddle-jump Pinnacle-style.


This morning, she “read” my Alfie Kohn book Unconditional Parenting for about 20 minutes.  She pretended to turn the pages and read aloud a complicated story about Scott going to work.  When she finished, she brought the book to me and declared, “Mommy, good story.”  Smart child.  It is a great little book. 

Meanwhile, this hot guy just called me and asked me out on a date tonight.  So, I better change out of my “mom” clothes (prana yoga pants/chacos) and get into my “outdoor girl” clothes (prana climbing pants/chacos) to impress this sexy man.  My wardrobe is pretty simple…