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The Dark Side of Chocolate

After a long night of trick-or-treating, I admit I love to scrounge through Norah’s treats for all the twix and baby ruths. Mmm.

But the reality is that most chocolate found at the grocery store has a dark side.

Yes, I did just rain on your Halloween parade.

This Monday, October 24, I’m hosting a free screening of “The Dark Side of Chocolate.”. This documentary explores the production of chocolate and it’s involvement in child trafficking.

Come join me if you’re interested in watching the film. 6pm at Natural Baby. Kids are welcome to join us. There are toys around the store to entertain them.

Last month, I was happy to hear that Mars (maker of my beloved twix) did agree to make one product Fair-trade certified. It will only be sold in the UK. Hershey continues to avoid any sort of fair-trade progress. So much for kisses.

That said, isn’t it weird to acknowledge your company is mostly unethical by agreeing fairly produce one product? How can you not go all or nothing on this one?

The trick-or-treaters who come to my house won’t get chocolate. But I compromised with Scott. They won’t get organic raisins and pretzels like last year.

Win / Fail

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Win:  Cadbury’s bestseller, the Dairy Milk Bar, is now fairly traded.  The packaged cocoa is also certified fair trade.  This change means the cocoa beans were not picked using slave labor.  This change means that very small children were not exposed to pesticides or forced to perform dangerous tasks.  This change means that workers received a fair wage.

Fail:  Everything else made by Cadbury is not fairly traded.  Yes, that includes the famous egg.

Remember my post asking why we can have dolphin-safe tuna but we can’t have slave-free chocolate?  Learn more about slave-free products and stay mindful as you prepare Easter goodies.

We Cannot Forget

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I know we want to forget sometimes.  Forget about the unspeakable things happening around us.  I know sometimes it is irritating when we’re reminded.  When we’re interrupted. 

Take something as sweet and simple as chocolate.  Scott and I have a date night planned this week to pick up a few small things for Norah’s Easter basket.  It will not include chocolate.  Did you realize that most of that yummy chocolate was processed by children who are slaves?  Who have never even tasted chocolate?  Who apply pesticides without protective gear?  Who use adult tools?  I’m talking about M&M’s and Hershey’s Kisses.  Do you think the owners of these big companies don’t know about the source of their cocoa?  Nope, they do.  In fact, in 2001 they agreed to change.  But they didn’t.  Even those Cadbury Easter Eggs won’t be fairly-traded until the end of this year. 

I know.  I’m messing with things that touch close to home.  But, as the video below mentions, we have dolphin-safe tuna.  Why can’t we make products without injuring and exploiting children? 

I have been in a room with little girls who were rescued from slavery.  I cannot forget. 

Want to do more?  Take a look at an older post with lists of ideas to get started.  Even something as small as skipping chocolate or buying fair-trade chocolate is a beginning.