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5 Things

Because I was tagged:

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

1)  I have a talent for finding things of little importance.  Things like four-leaf clovers and shark’s teeth. 

2)  I am an excellent mudpie maker.  I’m talking about real mudpies made from earth.  And as a child, I loved to eat them along with assorted plants and sketchy berries.  Sometimes I still want to.  I can remember the taste and grit.   

3)  I am not an excellent business person.  While I can make mudpies, I have no talent for making money. 

4)  I love to eat sour things.  Tiny green apples, lemons, limes, okra pickles, and oxalis from my yard.  When I was pregnant, I once ate somewhere around 12 limes in one sitting.  They were small limes; not quite keylimes but smaller than average.  I was in Cambodia and well, I don’t really have any excuses except my sister probably ate almost that many and she wasn’t pregnant. 

5)  I despise Rod Stewart.  His voice makes my skin crawl.  My husband, who does a great RS impression, sometimes tortures me by holding me down and singing, “Have I told you lately…”  I’ve been known to leave stores if his voice begins to screech from the speakers.    

Does anyone still want to be my friend?