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Why wasn’t I told?

Why wasn’t I told that convincing a small human to eat requires enormous creativity?

I am a consummate constructor of food monsters.  For some reason, known only to a toddler or preschooler, anything shaped into a monster may be eaten.  Boiled egg?  Boring!  Egg monsters?  Delicious. 

(she ate most of the egg monsters before I could take a picture)

Foods named eggs and toast?  Yesterday’s news.  Foods named “eggs in a nest?”  Something new!

Food presented on a plate?  Blah…push it around with a fork.  Food presented in an egg carton, altoid box, cupcake liner, cookie cutter, or any odd container?  Gobble it up.

The egg carton is Norah’s favorite lunchbox. 

Need some ideas for a picky little one?  I take lots of ideas from bento box themes.  Check out laptop lunch’s ideas.  I also like their photo gallery

Of course, for those truly artistic souls, aspire to true bento genius.