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Why wasn’t I told?

Why wasn’t I told that convincing a small human to eat requires enormous creativity?

I am a consummate constructor of food monsters.  For some reason, known only to a toddler or preschooler, anything shaped into a monster may be eaten.  Boiled egg?  Boring!  Egg monsters?  Delicious. 

(she ate most of the egg monsters before I could take a picture)

Foods named eggs and toast?  Yesterday’s news.  Foods named “eggs in a nest?”  Something new!

Food presented on a plate?  Blah…push it around with a fork.  Food presented in an egg carton, altoid box, cupcake liner, cookie cutter, or any odd container?  Gobble it up.

The egg carton is Norah’s favorite lunchbox. 

Need some ideas for a picky little one?  I take lots of ideas from bento box themes.  Check out laptop lunch’s ideas.  I also like their photo gallery

Of course, for those truly artistic souls, aspire to true bento genius.

Treasure Hunting

A few of my recent discoveries–

Green Bags:  Ingles has these great cloth grocery bags available for .98 each!  I’ve been searching for eco-bags that match (yes, I’m vain) and are inexpensive.  I was able to bag all my groceries in four bags and carry all my groceries into the house in one trip.  I’ve used them at three stores now and gotten compliments each time.  Now that is worth .98! 

Laptop Lunches:  I have so much fun serving food bento-style to Norah and this bento lunchbox was impossible to resist.  Two side notes–I found mine for a great price on ebay and they are made in China. 


Ideal Family Health:  A friend sent me a link to this new medical office in Anderson.  It is too far for us to drive but I’m intrigued by the concept.  There are only two staff–a doctor and a nurse.  There is supposedly no waiting.  They do not take insurance but list their fees on their website.  They make housecalls if needed.  It is a perfect option for those without insurance or with catastrophic insurance only.      

Locally Grown:  I haven’t tried this service yet but here’s the scoop:  You place an order for produce, products, meat from local farms and it is delivered on Thursdays to West End Coffee Company.  The list of items available is pretty impressive. 

Earth Lines:  Poems for the Green Age:  I found this little book at Goodwill for .25.  It is pretty “in your face.”  No wispy imagery or metaphor.  Want a sample?  Here is one called “Men of Clay”
      If Adam was shaped from earth’s rough clay

     What creature would God make

     From the poisoned and eroded soil

     That we’ve left in our wake?

Yeah.  You should read the one about what is in a quarter-pounder or the one about how to make a fur hat.  I probably won’t read it to Norah as a bedtime story just yet.