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The Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale

I went to the GLA annual book sale yesterday.  Even dragging my tired tot along, I found some great books! 

For the gentle parenting lending library, I picked up Positive Discipline, Positive Discipline A-Z, and Punished by Rewards.  I squealed triumphantly when I found the Alfie Kohn book.  I startled the pregnant mom beside me.

For the UCEDS library, I grabbed The Premature Baby Book, A Child is Born, Mamatoto:  A Celebration of Birth, and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

For my husband, I snagged A Naturalist’s Guide to the Southern Blue Ridge Front, South Pole 900 Miles on Foot, Alaska Wilderness:  Exploring the Central Brooks Range, and Still Waters, White Waters.  He asked me if I was intentially trying to drive him away.

For CareyFootprints by Denise Levertov.  I finally found a bosom friend, kindred spirit who quotes poetry to me by email; not nearly as romantic as hand-written perfumed letters but who keeps stamps these days?     

For Norah:  only a tiny goblin book she sneaked into our bag.  I’m a children’s book snob and the pickings were slim. 

For me, I didn’t have much time.  I mentioned the tired tot, right?  I tangled with a football-playeresque guy over The Unicorn & Other Poems.  Go figure.  And, walking to the check-out, I reached back and grabbed Midwives

Final bill:  25.00  Not bad.  Until they announced that the “fill-a-bag-for-10.00” sale was starting in 15 minutes as I’m handed my receipt.