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Simple Diapering

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I attended the Greenville Cloth Diaper Group yesterday.  I could not believe how many mamas were there!  Even a first time pregnant mama with her mother came to learn about cloth diapering.   I think there were around 15 women there! 

I love cloth diapering.  There are so many choices available.  Really the sky is the limit on creative options for different lifestyles.  My “go-to” diaper is still the bumGenius one-size.  But around the house, I do love a simple prefold with a snappi.  I love the simple look of it.  It makes me think of summer and clothes-lines.  It is close to the way my grandmothers diapered.  Of course, I’m clumsy and would never attempt to use a safety pin anywhere near a wiggly baby so the snappi it will  be! 

It isn’t waterproof which is great because I am trying to learn Cedar’s elimination cues.  And sometimes the snappi comes undone and snags on a towel or bedspread.  I remember Norah crawling across our bed and getting stuck by her snappi.  According to the snappi instructions, they are not meant to be used without a cover.  Call me a rulebreaker.

The prefolds I use were given to me before Norah was born and were purchased by another mom (who also used them) at a yard sale from a family (who also used them)!  Needless to say, a quality prefold holds up well! 

When your baby grows out of prefolds, they make wonderful cleaning rags. 

They are also an inexpensive option.  A good prefold costs 1.50 (you’ll want a dozen) .  And a snappi costs 3.95 (you only need one).  To make them waterproof, you can add a 10.00 cover (you’ll need at least two).

As I think about my sister and her husband diapering in a developing country without hot water, I think prefolds might hold up the best.  Of course, where they are going, the babies don’t wear diapers at all and they might find that practice suits.