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Dr. Polo Shirt Makes a House Call

I’ve had a wonderful streak of unmedicated hospital births lately.  Strong mamas and papas who were prepared and thoughtful about their births.  

I learn so much from each birth.  My latest birth was unusual–days of prodromal labor, slow progression with intense contractions.  We were laboring at home when Dr. Polo Shirt (you’ve read about him before here and here) stopped by the house to see how we were doing!  What a great encouragement to this family for their doctor to step onto their turf, validate their progress, and then leave them to their privacy to continue laboring.   

[Let me interject here:  if you are pregnant, live in the area, and are planning a hospital birth, you will not find care like this anywhere else.  I won’t promise you’ll get a house call, but I do promise you’ll be surprised by the personal care you’ll receive.  I’ve seen many doctors in the delivery room.  Trust me.]       

I won’t go into all the details of this birth but I’ll sum up with:  beautiful baby, happy mama, and proud papa. 

I’ve also loved that all my recent births have involved immediate skin-to-skin contact with babies left on mama’s chest for at least the first hour.  That sounds like such a reasonable request but sometimes it is so difficult to get in the hospital setting.   

Now I’m lounging beach-front at Hilton Head.  Lazing the days away for a little while.  And I must turn off the ‘puter to take my tot swimming!