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Today’s Lessons

  • Cloth wet wipes freeze into a solid brick when left in a car on a cold night.
  • Bad books at consignment stores must be purchased.  My husband needs good fire-starter.
  • I can spend too much money when Norah is asleep on my back and I’m wandering around a store for an hour and a half because I don’t want to wake her up to put her in the car.
  • My niece, Ryleigh, has the most twinkly (or is it “twinkliest?”) eyes on the planet. 
  • Husbands are oh-so-handy for repairing chair legs and opening wine bottles when someone breaks the corkscrew in the cork.  And, had to add one more–just in–finding creative ways to conserve energy in the house.        
  • Baskets make fabulous roller skates.


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  1. gracefullearning

    SO true on all counts!

  2. I’ve been wondering, what do you put in those cloth wipes? Is it just water or is there something more? Do you make them yourself or buy them?

  3. inexplicableways

    Cloth wipes–yes, you can buy them. In fact, I sell the bumgenius bamboo ones. But honestly, I use cut-up t-shirts. I bought a “bag-of-rags” from goodwill and cut them in half. My wipes solutions: water, 1 tbsp Dr Bronner’s soap, and two drops Tea Tree Oil. Some people just use water. The tea tree oil is anti-bacterial but should be used cautiously–it is strong stuff.


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