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Ride the Water

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Tonight we loaded up for a quick paddle and picnic.  It was Norah’s first time in a kayak.  She loved the canoe last summer so we knew she would have fun.  She’s been asking to “ride the water.” 


Aside from the difficulty in getting her out of the water and saying goodbye to the geese (she had to blow kisses to each of them), it was a sweet time!

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  1. how much fun is that?! Where did you go-it looks like the Boardwalk. . . . went strawberry pickin’ and thought of SC….

  2. inexplicableways

    We were at a lake across from Table Rock. I think Lake Oolenoy is the name. It is the closest (mostly) non-toxic lake.

  3. candoministries

    I probably will be perceived as a bit prejudice, yet my granddaughter is the most beautiful, corn-on-the-cob eater I have ever seen!
    Mom, AKA Mimi


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