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I found some great podcasts at PregTASTIC.  I listened to Barbara Harper, founder of Waterbirth International, discuss the chemical effects of buoyancy and Dr. Jack Newman  talk about breastfeeding.  I loved the two-series podcasts with Maria Mongan who developed hypnobirthing.  I have several more loaded in my ipod and hope to listen to them when Norah is sleeping in the car.      

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  1. so glad you’ve found a use for the ipod… another reason to text adoring messages to you. ps. nearly plowed over a guy on a moped during last text. 😉

  2. inexplicableways

    Well what do you expect when trying to text “awesomeness” while driving???

    Tonight I discovered library audiobooks. Yes, whole worlds have opened…I’m converted.

  3. We don’t have an ipod but have been considering it for a couple of years. They’re probably a lot cheaper now!

    I just got the message about “nighttime parenting,” and Jordan and I will be there unless something serious comes up. We could really use some guidance, or at least reassurance. Suzi is teething hardcore and she and I are both losing sleep over it!


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