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Before Norah was born, we painted the words “Follow Huck” on the walls of her nursery.  I’m a fan of Huck Finn (though not so fond of Tom Sawyer).  He had an honest soul and a seeker heart.  He searched for truth even when “sivilized” society taught a different morality.  I’m not sure what deep rivers Norah will cross but I pray Grace will be her raft.   

Ok, and maybe I hope she’ll keep holding our hands…

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  1. love these pictures and your sentiments… we are holden caufield lovers, but that’s kind of depressing to write on the walls.

  2. inexplicableways

    That made me laugh outloud!

    I can see the picture on the wall now: beautiful children playing and then, oops, who put that cliff there? Finally the quote: “Who wants flowers when you’re dead? Nobody.”

    Yeah, I can see why people favor Classic Pooh or ahem, Suess.

  3. candoministries

    You can talk about my granddaughter and my son [in-law], any day of the week!
    Precious pictures…

  4. Hi !! sweety girl 😉 😉 very cute photo !!


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