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Missing me one place search another

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Upstate Childbirth Education and Doula Services has a new home!  We’re now in the lovely Waldrep building near the corner of N. Main and Stone Ave.  It is so nice to be in a place with no hint of sheet rock dust!  Of course, as always, we continue to serve our clients in the birthplace of their choice:  hospital, home, or birth center.  We go where they go!

Our email newsletter will be going out soon with a full calendar of upcoming events in our new home.  If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, click on over to UCEDS and type your email in the top right corner to keep up with our happenings.  I hope we’ll see you at the next Blessingways on June 28.  Leia will be sharing her birth story and we’ll have a special topic on “Going Green in the Nursery.” 

Ok, shameless plug is over…

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  1. lady, i’m thinking of you guys often…

    I’m about to pop over to the website! (hey, those babylegs are ready for your crew, should you want them, still)

    I loved your last post. You and Carey …. what a way with words.

  2. inexplicableways

    I do want the ‘legs. Now, if you could arrange a visit, er, business trip, down here to drop them off…

  3. Does this mean the Nighttime Parenting will be in the new place?

  4. i checked it out tonight and LOVED it!!! beautiful.

  5. Denise Robinson

    I had no idea! I emailed Molly last week and she didn’t even mention that to me. I’m in shock! It looks SUPER NICE- can’t wait for a tour!!

  6. Bryan will be going to Clemson to speak at REU in July. I don’t know if I will be swinging with him or not….that fell through last time 😦 I will bring them by then, if I am there, or else I will put him to work for Empowered Birth as well as Upstate Birth….
    email me about what pricing…
    Oh! You ahve a link to Tracie Birch’s photography — she was a Pampered Chef host of mine and I just fell in love withher family — all of ’em! She does a wonderful job, and she tried to get me to do some breastfeedign photos to build her portfolio to start this,b ut we could never nail down a time — whoo-whee, look at her now!!!!

  7. love the new place, it is perfect and I know it will be great!!!Miss you sooooo much!But, I love standing on the side lines and watching!!!! Blossoming!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We drove by the new place yesterday- awesome! You are getting closer and closer to our house! 🙂

  9. ohhhh it looks so nice!!! Can’t wait to stop by and visit 🙂


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