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Missing me one place search another

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Upstate Childbirth Education and Doula Services has a new home!  We’re now in the lovely Waldrep building near the corner of N. Main and Stone Ave.  It is so nice to be in a place with no hint of sheet rock dust!  Of course, as always, we continue to serve our clients in the birthplace of their choice:  hospital, home, or birth center.  We go where they go!

Our email newsletter will be going out soon with a full calendar of upcoming events in our new home.  If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, click on over to UCEDS and type your email in the top right corner to keep up with our happenings.  I hope we’ll see you at the next Blessingways on June 28.  Leia will be sharing her birth story and we’ll have a special topic on “Going Green in the Nursery.” 

Ok, shameless plug is over…

“The Walt”

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Norah has a new thing.  It surely has something to do with being a two-year old.  It goes a little something like this:

N:  “I want yogurt.”  (in a scream)

Me:  “Ok”

N:  “NOOOOOOOO.  I want applesauce.” (louder scream)

Me:  “Sure.”

N:  “Aaaaahhhhhh!  I want cereal.”  (high pitched panic scream)

Me:  “Norah, no big deal.  You can have whichever you want.”

She then falls into the floor in a rage.  The crying and hiccoughing just goes on and on.  It is pitiful.  It doesn’t change if I hold her or leave her alone.  She is inconsolable.   

It can be about anything/everything.  Where she wants to sit or stand.  What music she wants.  Whatever.  Scott and I have named it “The Walt” after Walt Whitman’s line:  Do I contradict myself?  Very well then, I contradict myself.  (I am large, I contain multitudes).  I’m having a tough time with “The Walt” and Norah’s largeness.  No matter how I respond (or don’t respond), it seems to make it worse.  It doesn’t seem to be food or sleep related.  I plan to read Your Two Year Old tonight for ideas.   

Meanwhile, take a look at Norah’s latest art.  Does this look a little scarlet letterish to you?  She had an entire palette of colors but only touched red and orange.