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On vacation.  My child is trying to return all the sand to the sea.  My husband is playing.  I’m thoroughly salted, languorous, and sun-dazzled.  And thankful I finagled a friend to chop my hair before the ocean tangled with me.     


May whatever breaks be reconstructed by the sea with the long labors of its tides.  –Pablo Neruda

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  1. Ah, sun dazzled. That sounds really nice right about now! You didn’t get all your hair chopped off did you?

  2. The ocean pales when compared with the sight of my granddaughter playing in the sand!…and are you sure that is Scott? Looks like a green wave to me! 🙂

    Keep the sunscreen on!


  3. How does Norah like the ocean? I can see she loves the sand. What a precious sight! I miss you guys. Love, Helen

  4. YAY! Your blog!! You are such a fabulous family – your pics are always so adorable. 🙂 Glad we can be blog buddies now too!

  5. Yes, Norah loves the water. She has gotten a little squeamish after the jelly invasion yesterday but still having a blast as long as we’re holding her.


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