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A few weekends ago, Scott got to borrow a SylvanSport GO.  Our brilliant engineer friend, Tom Dempsey, designed this incredible trailer/camper hybrid.  We’d seen his design but to feast our eyes on the finished product–Oh My!  Scott took it to the NOC/Dagger Freestyle Shootout and it certainly drew a crowd.

The pic below shows the GO in its most compact form.  The top compartment holds the tent and gear with storage in the middle.  The GO is light enough to pull behind a small car or even an ATV.  

Then it is stretched open to hold…how many kayaks?  It could also transport an ATV, motorcycle, surfboards–you name your outdoor adventure.   

And my favorite part:  the living quarters.  Tom thought of everything; even a welcome mat!  It takes only minutes to pop out the Kelty tent.  The beds include a self inflating air mattress.  Everything transforms so smoothly.   

Genius!!  I wish we hadn’t had to give it back to Tom.  It would be perfect for an extended family trip across Canada.  Maybe to Oregon?  Alaska?

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  1. You guys are so adventurous. Jordan and I have been toying with the idea of camping at the next Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (4 days). It just makes me a little nervous because I’ve never really been camping. I think it would be fun though.

  2. Love it! I showed it to Jeremy and he immediately said “I want it.” We just returned from a camping trip up in the Adirondacks – next time we camp I want to be towing this along.

    I stumbled upon your blog from Rachel’s blog. I hope you’re well!


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