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The diva in my life

If you are a guy, go ahead and stop reading.  Seriously.  Stop.

It took me three months to work up the nerve to use the Diva once I bought it.  Each month, I would take it out of the little purple pouch and contemplate my readiness for this new venture.  Then I would quietly put it back into the little purple pouch.  Now I’m several months into the experience.  Let me say this:  It was only my love for the environment that kept me on the diva path.  I added up the cost savings of not buying tampons and well, it wasn’t super significant.  It isn’t that the diva is horrible.  No.  But the learning curve was steeper than I expected.  And I was mightily skittish about the process.  My imagination sometimes gets a little out of control.  I had a few vivid images involving my uterus and suction dancing in my head.  The first time, I had to call a friend to talk me through it (ok, more than just the first time).  Still, each month, I feel a little more comfortable using it.  Really, it isn’t bad.  Sorry about that image of suction.        

The diva:  one more tiny way to decrease my footprint and lower the amount of chemicals entering my body.  Check that one off my list. 

I was also excited to see a full page diva ad in Scott’s Outside magazine.

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  1. Because of the Diva Cup, my period is a whole day shorter AND way less painful (sorry for the TMI). I can’t even imagine using a tampon now. It is sometimes aggravating to get the cup in, but trimming the stem helped me a lot. I am even using cloth pads now although I still have to perfect my pattern and materials.

  2. *laughing, laughing, laughing* oh, our diva discussions. how i delight to have, finally, a friend like you in my womanhood.

  3. ok seriously…haven’t had a period yet since I”m nursing and 3 months out from giving birth, however…I feel like I must know about this. We shall discuss it discretely at a gathering I’m sure in the future. I NEVER, and I mean NEVER do tampons. Hate them and they make my time of the month far more bloaty and crampy. when cloth diapering I thought about cloth pads, but just wasn’t sure. Hubs would wanna vomit I’m sure…hahahaha. Must know more.

  4. so maybe I need to take mine out of the box? it looks very sinister every month…

  5. Oh man, you never call me with Diva questions! How funny. It took me two months to use mine but I love it now. But yeah, the uterus-suction thing…*shudder* the imagination can take you to some strange places!!!

  6. Caryn…be brave.

    Kawani…I promise I’ll ask you my next diva question.

    Gini…oh yes, we can bring you into the fold.

    Jenny…in my new sewing gig, I’d like to try my hand at your perfected pattern.



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