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Real Woman of Genius

That is YOU, Tracie Birch, photographer extraordinaire. 

Yesterday, I witnessed my amazing photographer friend in action.  She was photographing four tots (my wild daughter being one of them).  I was impressed by how she kept her cool even though it was steaming hot outside. 

What you will NOT get from a Tracie photo shoot:  an obtrusive photographer yelling instructions or twisting you into fake poses.  Tracie is all about documenting life and enjoying doing it.  She photographed the Upstate Childbirth ladies once and I felt like a million dollars when she finished.  I normally hate being professionally photographed.     

If you’ve never checked out her work, go take a looksee.  And you might even recognize the sweet puppy eyes on the site entrance pic.

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  1. AAAWWWW, Julie….that is such a beautiful picture of Norah!!! Tracie is brilliant, too…I am having her photograph my kids soon – this has inspired me!!!

  2. Her work is beautiful! And that picture of Norah is adorable!!! She is such a precious little girl. 🙂

  3. What can I say?…she IS my granddaughter and daughter of my daughter! Too beautiful for words. What I am amazed about is how Tracie captured this little whirlwind on feet! Great work!


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