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After finding 5 of Norah’s toys recalled for lead a few months ago, I’ve been somewhat nervous about toxic toys.  I’ve also noticed that just about every toy on the store shelves was made in China.  I was sitting in Norah’s room one night and had an awful thought:  How many of her toys, clothes, shoes were made in sweatshops?  If it was purchased at Walmart there is a darn good chance it was.  Yeah, so that bothers me more than the lead does. 

A few websites have helped me with the safety factor–Healthy Toys and CPSC’s email recall list.    

The sweatshop factor is trickier.  If you operate a sweatshop, you probably don’t want it to be common knowledge.  I guess this shopping guide is a start.  Our little global community is so intertwined.  I could make my own clothes (well, assuming I could sew) but where did the fabric come from?  I purchased Norah’s playsilks from a work-at-home-mom, but where was the silk made?  Ai-yai-yai.

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  1. inexplicableways

    The above post (mine…not Carey’s) is what my dear husband fondly calls a “soapbox.” I will endeavor to avoid these as much as possible.

    Now I’m off to check out Carey’s link which will probably send me climbing back up onto the box.

  2. I can recommend Plan Toys. Norah’s wooden doll house brings out the little girl in me. Julie, you are doing a great job at encouraging her imagination. I do enjoy hearing what she will say or do next. One thing you can be sure of – it will not be something expected.


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