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Because my husband has incredibly annoying incredible self-discipline, we will not be attending the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF) this year with our long-lost friends Hippie and Rhonda.  Norah will not get to play with Jubal.  We will not hear outstanding music and we will not see beautiful people and art. 

We will be remodeling the dining room.

I will console myself with memories of music from last fall.

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  1. We’ll miss you guys. Darn incredible self-discipline…..

  2. yup, it was lots of fun, we even managed to have fun without you!!! May 8-10, 2009!!!

  3. Self-discipline is your wife stating that our new dining will be completed by the end of the month. Not that I am counting, but that only leaves 2 weekends to frame the room, install windows, electrical, sheetrock, tile, paint, etc…
    Dancing with hippies sounds like more fun to me too…but my ‘self-discipline’ always has her…I mean its way.


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