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The Right People at the Right Time

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I had such an unusual birth yesterday.

The mom hired me on Sunday.  As in, the day before yesterday.  She was beyond her due date, not feeling great about her OB group, and wondering if unmedicated birth was possible with her OBs.  She was actually having steady contractions when she interviewed me!  The next morning I joined her and her husband for their birth. 

She was wonderful!  Perfectly uncomplicated labor.  She never complained or asked for pain medication.  She just did the work of labor.  She did ask for endorphins once.  🙂  She and her husband wanted to get to the hospital late to avoid interventions with their OB group.  And she had one OB in particular that she hoped was not on call.  He was…more on that in a minute.  We spent the day at their home.

We arrived in triage at Greenville Memorial and she was already pushing.  The triage nurse checked her, told her to stop or the baby would come in triage, grabbed a resident, and ran to the last bed available in L&D.  Our nurse, Ashley, was one that I’d worked with before.  So we trusted each other.  And the best part–her OB was busy with a birth at another hospital, so we got the resident.  I told this wonderful man, Dr. Palmer, what was important to the mom–immediate skin-to-skin, delayed cord clamping, no routine third stage pitocin, and vertical birth.  He shrugs and says, “That’s fine.”  And he remembered and followed her wishes exactly!  I don’t think her chosen OB would go for most, if any, of those choices.  Yay for Dr. Palmer. 

Ashley brought the squat bar in.  And this incredible woman pushed out a gorgeous baby girl. 

It was as if all the people meant to be at her birth were brought together with such purpose and care. 

Oh, and her OB arrived about 30 minutes after the birth to apologize for missing it…

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  1. Was that her first baby? Sounds like an awesome hospital birth! I wish I had found you two days before Suzi was born. Have fun at your ultrasound tomorrow! We are really excited for ours–all ready to either pull out Suzi’s little clothes, or go shopping 🙂

  2. It is exciting to hear there is a young doctor who “gets it.” I hope Dr. Palmer does not get changed by the system.

  3. I am so realived! I was having a serious guilt complex! yay for Julie!

  4. sorry about the spelling- Hayden is “helping” type

  5. Yeah! That is awesome 🙂 Sounds like a beautiful birth! and Yeah for Dr.Palmer 🙂 That is nice to hear that there is another Doctor out there who believes in Patient Choice, sounds like Dr.Polo shirt needs him at his practice 🙂

  6. It was great to read the story from your perspective!! I finally got up the courage to look at the photos this morning, and they were beautiful–exactly as I remembered it. I am in awe of how the birth was orchestrated down to the tiniest detail…thank you for being such a big part of it. 🙂


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