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Just another pregnancy update

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img_7711-21I’m 24 weeks or is it 25?  I don’t remember.  I usually cheat and hop over to Jenny’s blog to check–she’s due the same day as me. 

Pregnancy-wise, everything is normal.  Nothing much to report.  My belly seems huge and I feel like I’m carrying high.  No more sleeping on my tummy.  I wish I grew those cute basketball bellies. 

I crave belly-rubs and my friend, Carey, obliges weekly with a heavenly rose-lavender oil massage.  This child is almost always moving which has become irritating at night–it keeps me from sleep.  I was never irritated by Norah moving. 

My only food cravings lately have been swiss cheese and crushed ice.  I continue to drink oatstraw/nettle/red raspberry leaf tea daily.  I’ve added DHA/EPA to the prenatal routine.  Like a good girl, I take my cal/mag before bed and drink some chlorophyll in my oj each morning.  I won some prenatal chewable vitamins which I was super-stoked about.  Until I tasted them.   

Some of you have asked about my birth plans.  I’m not really keen on sharing much online at this point.  I promise to post all the details after Cedar is born.  I will say that I am excited about birthing again.  I’m trying out Hypnobabies since I’m currently training as an instructor.  My one worry is that Hypnobabies is notorious for short labors and I don’t want mine to be too quick!  But Cedar will come as Cedar is meant to come. 

Scott has beautifully kept the gender a secret.  I don’t have a clue or an intuition.

In terms of doula-ing, I have a busy, busy summer ahead!  I have such a diverse group of clients in the next couple of months.  And I’ve already had inquiries about hypnobabies classes this fall.

I had the worst heartburn of my life today while out shopping.  Thankfully, I had some papaya tablets in my doula bag.  I’ve never taken anything for heartburn and I’m happy to report that the papaya worked withing minutes!  I know it doesn’t work for everyone.  But I won’t be separated from it for the duration of this pregnancy!

Currently reading:  Obstetrics Illustrated, Natural Pregnancy Book, The Art of Hypnosis, Holistic Guide to Embracing Pregnancy and Birth, and Eve.                  

Oh, and a fun little book I found at the flea market this week:


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  1. I’m needing a visit from my girls…..can’t wait to see you!!!

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  3. It’s 25, but Carey said my due date was August 6. I just kept the earlier one on my blog because I already had it up. I’m not expecting to have this baby early anyway, since Suzi was late. But I guess you never know! I love the picture! Does Norah talk to Cedar? Suzi says “hey” to Ivey and “I shorry” if she bumps into her 🙂 I can’t get her to feel Ivey moving, though. She won’t be still long enough.

  4. Sounds like everything is going well! Those active babies can be difficult at night time. I told Tyler that I think I am going to stay still more during my next pregnancy because all Preston wants to do is move now 🙂 Hypnobabies sounds really cool! Take Care! love the picture of Nora 🙂

  5. As if you could stay still Brady!

  6. very sweet pic of norah & mommy & baby. 🙂


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