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Earth Shoes

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For the locals, I saw Earth Shoes at Rugged Wearhouse on Laurens Rd for 20.00 last week.  I don’t remember sizes and there were only a few styles.  There were several black pairs like the burgandy pair from this old post.

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  1. gracefullearning

    ok, you need to stop. you and carey, both. it’s too painful. to ease my pain, i wear a size 6.
    thanks, management


  2. what were you doing so close without calling or stoping by?

  3. So Sally, I shouldn’t mention the 2.00 pair I got at Helping Hands thrift store in Central?

    Abby, this was during a Sunday night frenzy to try to find shoes for Norah that didn’t have Hannah Montana or Dora branding, didn’t look like white orthapedic shoes, and weren’t pink or sparkly. I know–impossible task.


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