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Paying Attention

Two more recent Norah moments:

In the middle of the thrift store

Norah (loudly):  Mom, do you have any breastmilk.

Me:  Um, well, yes.  I guess.  What?

Norah:  This puppy is an orphan and he NEEDS some breastmilk.  Will you nurse him?

Me:  Can it wait?

Norah (lifting her shirt and nursing the stuffed dalmation herself):  See, I tried but I don’t have any breastmilk.

Me (looking around at the people grinning and trying not to be obvious about eavesdropping):  Fine.  Ok.  I’m nursing the puppy. 

Norah:  Thanks mom.  You’re the greatest mom in the whole wide world!

Yep.  I nurse in public.

In the grocery store:

Norah (whispering):  Mom, mom!  Do you see that boy?  Over there? 

Me:  Yeah.

Norah:  well, I waved at him like this.  And he waved to me like this.

Me (distractedly):  ok honey.

Norah:  and then I swooped my hair like this.  D’ya know why?

Me:  Why?

Norah:  To make him fall in love with me.

Now I’m paying attention.  So fast she grows.


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  1. If I ever see that little boy…


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