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Mindful Birth Class Dates

The Mindful Birth Class will begin Nov. 7 and meet for six consecutive Sunday evenings.  We’ll meet at an OB office in Greer from 5pm-7pm. 

I need at least three couples to sign up in order to teach the class.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to register so I can order your materials.  

I think you’ll love this class and learn so much!  I know I love teaching it. 

Email to register j_byers (at) bellsouth (dot) net. 

Teaser of things you will learn:

  • Why the amazing uterus has two opposing muscle fibers
  • How beta-endorphins from labor pass into your colostrum
  • Three easy techniques for resolving back labor
  • How to map your belly so you know how your baby is positioned
  • How to write a birth plan that doesn’t look like you found it on the internet
  • And how to protect the emotional atmosphere of your birthing space
  • And the biggest question of all:  when to go to the hospital/birth center or call your midwife to come

And so much more!

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