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The weird one at the homeschool co-op

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I have often felt out of place in our homeschool co-op. Like the one time a bunch of the moms were standing around talking and it came out that I was the only one who had gone to public school. (P.S. I loved public school and I’m thankful my mama didn’t homeschool me.)  I tried to blend.  I didn’t even wear a single hippie skirt all year long!  But I noticed the blank stares when I asked certain questions. 

The event was Field Day. Here are the top three ways I felt weird.

1) The kids did a relay race involving a plastic spoon and a cheese ball. *Sidenote: the kids were warned not to RUN with the spoon. I chuckled over that one and considered sending it in to Free-Range Kids.  But that isn’t what I’m blogging.  At the end of the race the kids were allowed to eat their cheese ball (as long as it hadn’t fallen on the ground…again, chuckle).  Norah had never tasted a cheese ball.  I know, I’m an awful mom.  She crinkles her nose, smells it, touches it with her tongue.  Then gleefully eats it.  And she begins loudly gushing to everyone within earshot, “I’ve never HAD a cheese ball.  Mama, have you ever had a cheese ball?  Oh it is so good!”  Seriously, she hasn’t stopped talking about this glorious experience. 

Perhaps I should have a food tasting day in the privacy of our home.  She’ll taste her first poptart, moonpie, dr. pepper, fruity pebbles, grape crush, easy cheese, frozen chicken nuggets, spaghetti o’s.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s had plenty of junk food.  I just see now that there are missing elements to her repertoire.

2)  Then we had lunch.  I let Norah pack her box.  She chose green peas, half a cheese/lettuce sandwich, a carrot, and edamame.  Almost every other family ordered Papa John’s.  Can you say “sore thumb?”

3) The Grand Finale:  the ice cream truck arrived.  More than a few moms glance at me with concern or ask “Are you going to let her get ice cream?”  Of course I am!  She chose a cotton candy twirl popsicle.  Then announced to the whole group, “I’ve never gotten ice cream from an ice cream truck before!”  Ok, that is simply not true.  Rascal!

I loved the event.  And I’m thankful to the moms who organized it.  Norah and Cedar had a great time.  Norah loves her friends there.  And so do I.  I’m proud of Norah for making healthy choices (she even does it when I’m not around).  Homeschool is so new to me and I’m overly observant–mostly of myself.  I also see that I don’t neatly fit into a group.  

But then again, when does one neatly fit into any group?

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  1. Those cheese balls are delicious, as are Cheetos puffs. I think Suzi has tried almost everything on that list, except she doesn’t like soda (it “makes her tongue hot”). I bet at least a couple of those moms observed all this and were impressed. I would have been!

  2. Haha! I love this too much! Please tell me that those girls LOVE ramen noodles! (You know what I mean!):)

  3. THIS IS PRICELESS! I love it!! I literally, can SEE this happening in my mind and it’s cracking me up 🙂

  4. I am a cruel mama sometimes. I love Rice Krispy treats, for instance. But Norah thinks I’m eating Rice Cakes. She begs for one. I give her a lightly salted rick cake. She is happy. I’m very happy. And more rice krispy treats for me!

    Pam, my lips are sealed about ramen…

  5. I know what you meanabout homeschool co-ops! My kids have tans all year long and I dont so I dont fit in!WE gave Caleb rice cakes broken up and told him it was popcorn!He still prefers his special pop corn.
    Kyle loved co-op, Zach hides from it and Caleb would love it to if I hadnt given it up for lent!

  6. I think those cheese ball things come in a can too 🙂 Jonathan was over there and grabbed the bag of them from the bin…hmmm. I thought for a minute, naaaaaa…but then it can’t be any WORSE than some of the stuff that kid finds hidden in the creavaces of my gross house!

  7. Alex loves to go to Earth Fare and announce to whoever listens all the vegetables he *loves* (“oh, mommy, see that broccoli, mommy, that looks soooo good, I just LOVE broccoli, mommy, can I have some, please, please PLEASE?”) and people look at me like I’m some kind of nut. I want to invite them to come over when he finds Daddy’s secret stash of Pop Tarts and bounces off the walls for 4 hours.

  8. PS. I ate a lot of those cheese balls growing up, the Planter’s kind. A LOT. My parents were thrilled to find a Planter’s product that I could eat that didn’t result in anaphylaxis.

  9. Lol! You think you stick out! I have kids who have celiacs and gluten ataxia. We don’t “do” any gluten, dairy, and our oddest lates allergy identified for 3 of them, black pepper!! Try telling someone your child developed mouth sores and neuro symptoms just from eating something and they don’t believe you. I get “Surely a little won’t hurt!” and have even had people slip my 5 year old gluten ! I always know immediately because he acts like he is drunk when he partakes 😛 most of them realize the error of their ways about 8 minutes after having done so.

    Life is fun when you cd, bf, eat local/organic/free range, let your 8 year old build with a hammer and nails, and have food allergies…. Oh and wait for it, have to have csections and have the people you actually would fit in the most with advise you your have given birth the “wrong way”. Actually had an email from someone encouraging me to try for a vbac so I could have a “proper birth for once” instead of my 7th upcoming cs lol… Sorry, not everyone does that but it’s our belief thar the next 18 -20 years of child rearing is far more important than entry method 😀


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