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August Expected

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When I was pregnant with Cedar, I thought it would be miserable to be 9 months in August.  But I loved it.  Relished it.  And admittedly, lazed in it.

  • Swimming in cold rivers
  • Long, highwaisted sundresses
  • Henna on my feet
  • Blackberries
  • And afterwards, not worrying that my newborn would be cold
  • Sitting on the porch swing with a naked baby
  • Easy-to-nurse-in clothes

Ah, such sweet memories.  And then, one of my favorite August births was my sister’s homebirth.  Oh, and there was Jenni’s surprise homebirth–another favorite!  And roller-derby Coral, who tripped over her giant newfoundland and began a fast and furious birthing.  Lara’s first birth, 0-10 in a few hours.  I love August births.

Guess what?

I have no doula clients for August this year!  Where are they?  I’m looking at that empty calendar and wondering what the month will bring.

Will they be homebirths?

First time parents?

Planned cesarean?

Super-speedy or slow as molasses?

Start-and-stop or get down to business?


Will they need me much or will I simply witness?

Will I make some blunders?

It is so personal, the matching of family to doula.  But once paired, I put great faith in our shared purpose.

I wonder who will teach me and whom will I serve in the powerful month of August.

August rushes by like desert rainfall,
A flood of frenzied upheaval,
But still catching me unprepared.

      –Elizabeth Maua Taylor

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  1. Always refreshing to read your words…like a drink of water on a August afternoon. Sweet.

  2. Before I even saw my name, I thought, oh, wow, I loved MY August birth, too; it’s the perfect birthing season. Quite a few people expressed their sympathy that I’d be very pregnant during the heat of the summer, but truthfully, the heat was never a problem. I lucked out to get to have baby 2 during an autumn heat wave. 🙂


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