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Hypnobabies Class:  I have two spaces remaining in my June/July Hypnobabies class.  This six-week series meets in Greer on Mondays from 6-9pm.  We begin June 11 (a week from tomorrow–so do not dilly-dally!).  Have I mentioned how much I love Hypnobabies births?  So much so that I give a discount to doula clients who take Hypnobabies?  Because, as a doula, I have noticed that Hypnobabies births are generally shorter and easier.  Good stuff, that!

Doula Availability:  Because of those in-a-hurry- June births, I have space open in June.  I could take another client in July.  And I have space in August and September.  I’m used to busy birthy summers and typically take on more clients but this one wants to laze by.

I’ve never paid for advertising.  My work has grown through word of mouth and I am so incredibly thankful for my amazing clients, students, and friends for trusting me to serve the ones they love.  I remember the first time I stepped out on my own–away from my doula mentor–and thought, who will ever hire me?  And through this journey, I’ve learned to trust that the families I’m meant to serve will find me.

I hope the summer ones find me before they go into labor…

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  1. Hee hee. I indeed was hired IN labor. The dad called me in at hour 15 of a 40 hour birth. 🙂


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