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My first 10 on 10

Inspired by Rachel and Victoria, I want to do a 10 on 10.  One picture for ten hours on the tenth.  Who knows?  Maybe it will become a regular to-do.

Or maybe it will be incredibly uninteresting.

7am:  To keep my sanity during election madness, re-reading Jesus for President.

8am:  On my commute downtown, I spy someone’s pants waiting for the dry cleaner’s to open.

9am:  Toddler potty emergency led to an unplanned stop in Starbuck’s.

10am:  Visiting with Natalie as she beautifies Natural Baby.

11am:  Storytime

12pm:  Lunch.  Don’t judge.  I was craving that mean looking green pepper.

1pm:  Helped a newly pregnant woman pick out some beach reading. (No, not Orgasmic Birth)

2pm:  Evaluating the mess.  The mess this girl-child makes.

3pm:  Picked up Norah from school

4pm:  scuppernong snack


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  1. The ‘pants’ picture is funny! And that story book has a very angry orange, that’s for sure!

  2. Wow… I’ve never seen angry veggetables like that (well and fruit)… excellent photos.

  3. Your dry cleaning photos is just hiliarious. Someone was in a hurry i guess.
    Welcome to Ten on Ten, great set 🙂

  4. She’s so adorable and looks like she wants a cookie, maybe she planned the Starbucks emergency? Haha, the pants…so funny!

  5. glad you did it this month! i slacked off, which is basically my whole blog approach lately. i haven’t blogged in over a month – yikes!

  6. Jesus for President sounds like an interesting book–I might try to find it later. Love that picture of Cedar. Sassy!


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