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October 10 on 10

Ten pictures on the 10th

10am Porta potty. Yep. That’s how I’m kicking off the fun today!

Photo Oct 10, 10 31 22 AM

11am How many kids can you find in the apple tree?

Photo Oct 10, 10 59 44 AM

12pm Bringing in the harvest

Photo Oct 10, 11 07 46 AM

1pm Cedar and CeCe exploring together

Photo Oct 10, 11 46 32 AM

2pm New sunglasses

Photo Oct 10, 10 34 42 AM

3pm Coffee break with apple cider doughnut (of course)

Photo Oct 10, 2 30 06 PM

4pm Random constructs I find in my floor

Photo Oct 10, 4 25 30 PM

5pm I finally get to wear my new scarf from Cambodia

Photo Oct 10, 4 38 17 PM

6pm Quiet dinner in my classroom before Hypnobabies students arrive. Swamp Rabbit Cafe has the best sandwiches. The best.

Photo Oct 10, 5 35 45 PM

7pm Leftover treats from Hypnobabies break. Did I mention the baked goods from Swamp Rabbit Cafe? The best.

Photo Oct 10, 7 19 17 PM (HDR)

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May 10 on 10

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Ten pictures on the 10th:

10am:  Airbending–Norah’s current pastime


11am:  First school day wearing her glasses.  Turns out Norah is far-sighted!  That explains why she has no difficulty reading billboards but all sorts of trouble reading books.  “Mom, the words are all blurry and my eyes are so tired.”  Doh.


12pm:  Boo-boo.  It’s incredible how much blood results when a 3 yr old tries to sharpen her finger in a pencil sharperner.


1pm:  Lunch


2pm:  Strawberries, strawberries everywhere!


3pm:  Bird study


4pm:  Calling in the creepy door-to-door guys claiming to be ADT.  I took pictures of the three guys, too.  I wouldn’t let them walk up my driveway.


5pm:  Waiting for her Daddy/Daughter Date

2013-04-25 11.15.25

6pm:  Story of my life.  Also, I need to dust.


7pm:  Norah and her friend, Veda, at the musical production, “Oliver.”  Last show is tonight…GO SEE IT!


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10 on 10, March

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A picture for ten hours on the 10th.

8:30am: Cedar’s new way to wake us.  She calls it “Hulk Smash” and it is quite painful.


9:30am:  pancake stirring with infinite patience


10:30am:  meal-planning


11:30am:  my man belting out The Eagles


12:30:  the girls picking daffodils for the lunch table


1:30:  my mom’s lunch menu for my birthday.  I love lasagna but no one else does so it was a large spread!


2:30pm:  happy birthday to me!


3:30pm: at the car wash


4:30pm:  admiring my birthday present from my parents.


5:30pm:  grocery-getting


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10 on 10 February

8:30am–I wake to this little imp in my bed


9:30am–Strawberry pancakes made by my delicious husband


10:30–Re-reading The Ragamuffin Gospel


11:30–Norah’s Valentine’s for Artios.  It’s gonna take awhile for all that glitter glue to dry.


12:30pm–Lunch for me:  my yummy maca smoothie with added blueberries


1:30pm–Rushing to the my Hypnobabies class reunion


2:30pm–Sharing birth stories


3:30pm–Shiny, happy Hypnobabies graduates


4:30pm–I was too busy scooting across town to get to a Hypnobabies class to snap a pic.  But my husband texted this picture.  He kayaked to an island at Jocassee.  He even swam!  In February!  So, I’ll steal his picture.


5:30pm–Dr. Polo Shirt’s waiting room before I tore it apart to make room for my class.  I always take a “before picture” so I know how to set up when class dismisses.


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I remembered! 10 on 10

8am:  Morning Race (pardon the blur; those girls can move)


9am:  School time


10am:  Chickadee added to Norah’s nature journal


11am:  Read aloud


12pm:  My little ponies


1pm:  Watercolors on the lawn; poetry for me


2pm:  Tea time


3pm:  Unexpected visit from a sweet friend.  Cedar loves her “goat lady”


4pm:  Stray Cujo scared the bejeebies out of me *


5pm:  Riesling in a jelly jar (classy), nag champa, and blog time.  I deserve it.


*That dog!  I walked to the mailbox and when I turned to walk back to the house, he was standing 15 feet away between the house and me.  Where did he come from?  Stealthy fiend.

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Uncommon Thanks #2

I forgot to post 10 on 10 yesterday so I’ll use yesterday’s events as my thanks:

1)  Strawberry cream cheese scones and sitting outside on a November morning.

2)  Time with friends who enrich the lives of my children.

3) Climbing mulberry trees

4)  Learning woodworking skills at Roper Mountain Science Center (also felting wool, making herb sachets, herding sheep, plowing fields, pumping water, grinding corn, feeding animals, watching blacksmiths and other artisans)

5)  My husband finished the woodstove installation in his new woodworking shop

6)  Learning to sew on a button

7)  Dropping off Norah at Saturday science labs.

8) Watching a movie alone with popcorn and chocolate beer.

October 10 on 10

9am:  I bribed the girls with a promise of hot chocolate for breakfast if they would just let me sleep until 8am.  It worked.

10am:  Surveying the homeschool mess from yesterday.

11am:  Power smoothie

12pm:  My cheat sheet to remember that King Philip comes over for good spaghetti.

1pm:  Sneaking a peek at Cedar playing My Little Pony while wearing little boy undies.

2pm:  Flying homemade kites with friends

3pm:  Guinea pigs!

4pm:  Learning about static electricity

5pm:  Introducing two new caterpillars and a chrysalis to our home (hopefully they will live longer than the last ones)

6pm:  Pies ready to go in the oven.  I have two first-time mamas due and it doesn’t hurt to sweeten up my family before I disappear indefinitely.


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My first 10 on 10

Inspired by Rachel and Victoria, I want to do a 10 on 10.  One picture for ten hours on the tenth.  Who knows?  Maybe it will become a regular to-do.

Or maybe it will be incredibly uninteresting.

7am:  To keep my sanity during election madness, re-reading Jesus for President.

8am:  On my commute downtown, I spy someone’s pants waiting for the dry cleaner’s to open.

9am:  Toddler potty emergency led to an unplanned stop in Starbuck’s.

10am:  Visiting with Natalie as she beautifies Natural Baby.

11am:  Storytime

12pm:  Lunch.  Don’t judge.  I was craving that mean looking green pepper.

1pm:  Helped a newly pregnant woman pick out some beach reading. (No, not Orgasmic Birth)

2pm:  Evaluating the mess.  The mess this girl-child makes.

3pm:  Picked up Norah from school

4pm:  scuppernong snack


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