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I’ve been slack about posting pictures of my Hypnobabies students.  I add the pictures to this page but I forget to highlight them here.

Look at these adorable Hypnobabies!

This picture is from a recent class reunion.  One baby boy was not able to make it for the photo shoot.

Want some stats?

  • 100% of the babies were born without complications
  • 100% of the mamas gave birth without medication
  • 1 baby was born with a family practice physician at a hospital
  • 1 baby was born with midwives at a birth center
  • 1 baby was VBAC at home with a family practice physician
  • 2 babies were born at home with midwives
  • 4 of the babies were born in the water.
  • None of the mamas needed sutures
  • And THIS childbirth educator was not the least bit surprised by these stats!

Email me about classes beginning Oct. 16 and Jan. 27. (


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  1. I’ve only had one class with those kind of stats. I’ve taught only about thirty couples so far but most of mine birth in the hospital. The class with the zero intervention stats was 4 home birthers and 1 hospital birther ( she had a doula and stayed home for most of the birth). Is it the strength of your mamas or a better birthing environment there? Or you’re just a better teacher?

    • I’m def not a better teacher! I do teach more homebirth couples than the Hypnobabies average. And I am in an excellent area for care provider choice. Notice none of these students birthed with an OB. Your area is tricky, isn’t it?

      • I’ve thought about this more and I really think it is the care providers that the mama’s are choosing. I can’t tell them who to use, although one time I was a lot more honest (in private) about one students choice. Guess what, I never heard from them after the class. Our area has a few really great choices but only one or two OB’s that are good and most of them are in a practices that don’t practice evidence based medicine. I teach a lot of homebirth mamas too and I’ve had two that have transported and had a c-section.

  2. This made me cry tears of absolute happiness. We love you and your family so much. Thank you for all you do for us mamas. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Jennifer, Brady, Noah and Sophie


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