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The House Gnomes, or The Hals Noms

Remember in this post when I mentioned that I sold the girls’ play kitchen?  Well, they finally noticed.

Norah:  “Mom, where is the kitchen?”

Me:  (shocked) “What kitchen?”

Norah:  “Our play kitchen!  It’s gone!”

Me:  “Gone?  What do you mean gone?”

Norah:  “Ugh!!!  That house gnome took it!”

Me:  (Cheshire cat grin)

So what did the indignant Norah do?  She immediately went to her desk and penned a letter to the house gnome.

Please keep in mind that Norah is very new to writing letters.  In fact, this month marks the beginning of her willingness to try.  Before, she was too worried about mistakes.  I told her (back when Barbie disappeared) that gnomes read by sounding out letters.  They didn’t know “correct” spelling.  Suddenly, she was writing letters and even a few books!  Yeah, one of my finer ideas.  I’ll post the three-page letter and then I’ll post the translation under each page.

Dear gnomes,

I was


where is the toy


I am very


 Signed Norah.


Do you have


to do

with it


I need


Please give

a note



you are


with our



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  1. “Hope you are happy with our house.” Love it! One day you will have to tell us how the house gnome came to live with you. 🙂

    • 😀 I love Norah’s writing! It reminds me of the time in kindergarten when we were painting our own t-shirts with fabric paint and I was obsessed with Clemson at the time, so I painted “Clipson Yunaversady” (or something weird like that) on mine.


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