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10 on 10 February

8:30am–I wake to this little imp in my bed


9:30am–Strawberry pancakes made by my delicious husband


10:30–Re-reading The Ragamuffin Gospel


11:30–Norah’s Valentine’s for Artios.  It’s gonna take awhile for all that glitter glue to dry.


12:30pm–Lunch for me:  my yummy maca smoothie with added blueberries


1:30pm–Rushing to the my Hypnobabies class reunion


2:30pm–Sharing birth stories


3:30pm–Shiny, happy Hypnobabies graduates


4:30pm–I was too busy scooting across town to get to a Hypnobabies class to snap a pic.  But my husband texted this picture.  He kayaked to an island at Jocassee.  He even swam!  In February!  So, I’ll steal his picture.


5:30pm–Dr. Polo Shirt’s waiting room before I tore it apart to make room for my class.  I always take a “before picture” so I know how to set up when class dismisses.


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