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Repeating Hypnobabies

I’ve been teaching Hypnobabies since 2009. Lately, I am frequently asked, “What do I do to prepare for my next Hypnobabies birth?”

Hypnobabies strongly recommends that students repeat the class series when preparing for subsequent births.  To prepare for another birth, you want more than just a refresher.  You want to prepare as thoroughly for this birth as you did for your first Hypnobabies experience.  Moreover, your materials are not designed for self-study.  If a couple absolutely prefers to DIY, they should purchase the Home Study Advantage set which was created for self-study.

I have two repeat students registered for my March series.  What an encouragement it will be for the other students to have experienced Hypnobabies moms in the class.

In order to make this option possible for my repeat students, I charge only 75.00 to take the series again.



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